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count me in !

hey... seems that I need to formally apply ;)
My credentials are on societe.com or here:

Welcome Rodrigo !;o) Happy to see you joining us, I am sure you'll bring us great input.

Managing partner of Occam Capital and blogger in mgoldberg.typepad.com

Happy to join,


Count me in too! I'm based in India and am the COO of Ecotal - Major & Minor Group. We're in to GNU/Linux technology.

When time permits I'm also the Founder, CEO at Pixelmunge. Pixelmunge is into ICTs.

Welcome Marc and congratulation for the launch of your blog !

Welcome too Amol, you won't be surprised I presume to learn that you are the first Indian CEO to join us ! We are very happy to see you taking part in this initiative.

I am one of the founding partners of The Big Blog Company that specialises in teaching companies how to employ blogs to communicate with their customers, run projects, manage crises etc etc.

We can certainly contribute with ideas about what blogs can do for business. As for offline meetings in Paris, our loss. However, we may decide to organise something similar in London. The CEO bloggers of the world unite... or at least have some fun blogging. :-)

Nice initiative!

I am the CEO & co-founder of Krogos Software - a software development company located in Bucharest, Romania - and the blogger behind @rgumente.

Welcome Adriana ! You'll certainly bring us great input on the relationship between blogs and business due to your daily work on this issue !
The first off line meeting will take place in Paris but the next one could be in London, yes of course, this will supposed UK CEO bloggers get the majority ;o) Come on UK, this is a great challenge ! ;o)

Hi Dragos, welcome Romania ! Happy to count you as member of the club !

I'm the CEO and the Maestro at Intune.Network.

Welcome Paul ! Could you send me 3 lines to introduce yourself in the "New members" section ?

Many thanks !

Count me in too! I am the CEO of Iotum Corporation, and the author of www.saunderslog.com.


Welcome on board Alec ! Please send me 3 lines for your introducing post in the new member category !

This is an interesting idea! Count me in - I'm managing director/CEO of innoQ, a software consulting company based in Germany and Swizerland. I blog at http://www.innoq.com/blog/st/

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