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Is the CEO Bloggers club still active? It looks like the post end last year. Well, if it is – it is an excellent idea.
My name is Kevin Goodman founder and creative director for Sundown Media Concepts (SDMC). We’re active promoting and positioning but we won’t be public until June 2008. Because we’re still copyediting our website I prefer to hold off on the url. If curiosity has you inclined we’re well referenced in Google. My personal weblog is http://executiveblog.blogspot.com and I also use blogger as a newsfeed for Sundown MC @ http://keys2desire.blogspot.com. I hope the CEO club is still active and there is room for participation. Sundown MC is Visibility Management ™.
Thanks Kevin


I'm interested to join your club.

I'm the CEO of the company found at http://www.AppliedComputerEdge.com

My blog is at http://www.ExcellentTopics.blogspot.com



I am Guy Landeut CEO of Sotelcom Europe.
I love this blog and will be happy to join you and hope to bring my participation....

We provide solution in telecom for our partners.

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