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Hi Siegfried,

nice to meet another blogger from munich, germany, in CEO Blogger.




Count me in too.

I am an Usability Expert from Bangalore, India.

I regularly blog about UCD & Usability at http://muthuonline.com


A friend from the blogosphere told me about the club. So now I finally post this.

I have several blogs which treat as many topics as food, family life, my company KAYWA - a blogging company - and mobile lifestyle.

Lately I blog more for myself - mostly notes and links - but this should change again.

Best regards

PS: I am happy to see Pete on this list.

I would like to join this club. I'm the founder of ReferNet, a collection of business networking communities for target vertical industries such as Real Estate. I started this company in 2003. For more info, my website URL is http://www.refernet.net

Hé I would happy to join you even if I'm now digging in the wikibowling :) I just saw the wiki was quite empty in the WikiNow.

Que se passe t'il Guillaume. :) -- xtof

Weblog on http://elanceur.weblogger.com

Am enjoying blogging on Digital Image Management and Marketing. Would like to join this group, as I am a strong supporter of both text and photoblogging.

My blog is at www.dimdump.com. I welcome comments and input from this group, and will try to learn as much as I can, from the other blogs represented here.

Hi CEOs.

I am the Founder and Managing Director of augenmerk, a german agency specialized in Corporate Communications. I am blogging at http://www.agenturblog.de and would be more than happy to join!

Hello everyone.

I'm founder and CEO of Natural Logic (http://www.natlogic.com) -- consultants in "strategic sustainability" (turning exceptional environmental performance into business value) -- and blogging on related themes at http://radio.weblogs.com/0109157/.

I'm curious to see where this goes.

Glad that I found this medium to keep in touch with fellow CEOs to share and care. Yes, I want to be serious in contributing my mite in this Blog Forum and benefitting as much out of it.

I would like to join the group...Anyone know how please?


I would like to become involved in this group. I am able to contribute on a weekly basis or whenever you would like.

I run a blog at www.recruiting.com and my company Semiconductorjobs.com has a blog as well


I'm the founder of myKaïoo.com, a recent e-commerce website for fashion product and accessories.
We just created our blog , to create a new link with the client.
I'm happy to join the club and to share experience about blogging.

I'm the CEO of www.fiveacross.com and a Reluctant Blogger, though I have a lot to say at times :)

I'm the CEO of Alianzo Networks (www.alianzo.com) and the oldest blogger in the Basque Country (www.cybereuskaid.com). Hope to meet you in Paris soon.

I am the founder and CEO of Sanuk Software, an outsourcing company located in Bangkok, Thailand. We do videogame and mobile phone game development.

I started a blog on http://www.sanuk.biz/weblog/

May I join?

I can contribute on a regular basis. The thing I can't do is to physically join the meetings... Unless I make enough money to overlook the cost of the trip, but this goal is very far from being reched yet. I'd have to sign much, much more contracts! By the way, anyone interested in outsourcing around the place? :-D

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