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Mezmerizedia - Co-Op Advertising
I am the founder and this is the mission:
Enchanting the growth of businesses through combined promotional efforts in the spirit of a kinship milieu.
Bringing forth an awaking for the birth of a fresh marketing awareness.

I started a blog here:
and on our company site: http://www.mezmerizedia.com/mezblogs
I am new to blogging but very excited to see the advantages of it.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Creadrive webagency (Luxembourg & France mainly) : http://www.creadrive.com

We offer the usual webagency services: consulting, design, technology and marketing.

But one of our growing activity (and one I have a deep passion since 2001) is buzz marketing and guerilla marketing (street marketing, blog marketing, viral marketing....).

In December 2003, I decided it was time to have a blog that:
- Show our clients and potential clients the latest French and international buzz campaigns
- Give them some hints and advices to implement a viral marketing action
- Provides them with some tools and inspiration to launch their campaign

You can access my blog here http://www.culture-buzz.com
(Contrary to many bloggers, I am using until now a CMS (spip) instead of a traditional blog solution).

Regarding my blogging experience, I think it requires lots of time, passion and energy but that the reward definitely is there: my blog has already led many new customers to us....

Best Regards,

I'm a Managing Director at Planters Direct and also responsible for the web presence of Butler Sheetmetal Ltd.

I have recently set up a joint blog to galvanise these two sister companies and promote small business blogging through the eyes of the sheet metal industry.


I'm very interested in the idea of small businesses on small budgets utilising the concept of blogging, especially in a technophobic industry such as sheet metal fabrication.

Would it be alright for me to join? I honestly believe I could bring something slightly different to the party!

I am the Founder Director of an India based Recruitment outfit. Its an interesting and buoyant industry given the vibrant nature of our economy. Competition is of course getting feverish, and I am sure I will be able to share my experiences, learnings and learn from the contributions in this group.

Look forward to being a part of this blogging community.


I'm the CEO of CarriereOnline.com, prior CEO of Educangels, posting on 2 blogs : CarriereOnline Blog @ http://carriereonline.typepad.com and my own blog @ http://www.julienandre.com and would enjoy to join the club !

Best regards !


I am CEP of CVFM webmarketing and Neodia International.

I launch the first conference blog in France. The conference "Netmarketing 2004" will take place in the Eiffel Tower, Paris o December 2nd & 3rd. The blog will provide real time info about new speakers, sponsors and during the conference bloger will publish real time reaction to conferences !

Thanks to Loic Lemeur for this blog and his participation as a speaker the first day.

I am a former Times journalist and vice chairman Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. Launched Mediabuddies, the reunion club for media professionals a few months ago and we now have more than 1,000 members - journalists, broadcasters, advertising and public relations executives - in over 40 countries. My blog is at www,mediabuddies.com

I am founder and Ceo of Appui Image, photography company.
Many things to write from 26 years of lonely CEO experience in a small french company.

I 'd be very happy to participate.



i am founder and Ceo of Elowi, a consulting and software company specialized in Rfid solutions.
I have a regular blog on Rfid and previous startup experience i'm willing to share at CEO Blogger's Club.

I'm CEO of Comunicano, Inc. We're a San Diego, CA based marketing communications agency and believe in the blog.

My VoIP blog, VoIPWatch, which is found at http://andyabramson.blogs.com/voipwatch/ is one of the most read blogs on the subject. It has created business opportunities for our agency, but more importantly served as a way to reach the media and offer insights and opinions to establish or create further thoughtleader status.

I look forward to being able to participate in your organization.

I will also be at BloggerCon in Palo Alto on the 6th if any other CEO's are there. Perhaps we can grab a glass of wine after the event on Saturday.

Andy Abramson

Founder of Mandarina (www.mandarina.fr) and BlogSpirit (a new blogging service). My blog is : http://philippe.blogspirit.com
Happy to join,



Just joined on the Wiki :

Best regards to all,


Hi, there!
Nice idea, so I want to apply ;-)
I am the founder of Ibai Intranets. The whole site is powered by MT, and I mantain a "pure" blog zone, called
BTW, on November 4th, I am evangelizing other companies' CEO's in a Conference about Business Blogs. The Conference will be held in Vitoria (Spain).
Any Spanish CEO is gathering us?


the blog zone is Blog: Artículos on Gestión Documental. Ah, and those wanting to show up at the Conference have all the info at:

See ya!

hello, I'm the founder and CEO of Quovix.com and have been an active blogger for a few years. I would very much like to participate.

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