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Faut parler english je crois... Donc :
I'm the CEO of Altaide ( www.altaidepartner.com ), and would enjoy to join the club !
My blog : http://altaide.typepad.com

Best regards !

Hi there/Salut,

I'm the Managing Partner of SoftTech VC. My blog is http://softtechvc.blogs.com.

Regards/A bientot

Hi/Bonjour !
Sounds fun, specially for a newbie blogger, just started last month to calm down my ego.
Currently VP at marketing agency Wcube, formerly CEO of Framfab France etc.
My blog : http://post2000.typepad.com/
Regards, A vous lire.

Let me in too.

Je suis associé de http://www.adverbe.com et je tiens deux autres blogs également :

See you IRL ;-)

I would like to join.

We are building security products for banks and financial institutions. Visit us at http://www.sharecube.com where I blog regularly.

My bloging has been white paper oriented. They are notes about industry trends and solutions. I plan to transition to a more personal blog soon.

I am looking for European distributors and more than willing to make connections. Startups are such fun!


I'm the CEO of Textura Design and blog about our company, Clip-n-Seal, and other topics. I also produce the Blog Business Summit.


At the present time I'am just "ceo" of my own personnal company - yaka solutions -"global projects solutions"

My job : to assist ceo and operational managers in terms of human relations, organization, administration and logistics to search, find and make use of adapted solutions to the specifics problems they encounter to manage their global projects

I'am very much interested by the use of "collaborative tools" by your community and would enjoy to join you.


Alain Lafon

Please count me in for membership to the CEO Bloggers Club. This is an excellent idea. There is no doubt in my mind that blogs will exponentially have a definitive impact on the ways companies do business.

I publish a FREE newsletter called "Savvy Intrapreneur" written for professionals who constantly raise the bar on Excellence with themselves and people around them. Subscribe to the newsletter at one of my blogs called "Savvy Intrapreneur" - http://CoachingCompass.blogspot.com


I'm the founder of Paramedia.nl, a consulting firm for communication, marketing and knowledge management through blogging and social network applications.

I have several blogs, both commercial and arts related. Most recent blog initiative: 'Podcasting Avenue' http://www.podcasters.blogspot.com on the impact of this emerging phenomenon.

Like to contribute to this Network. If you are looking for a contact (related to our activities) in the Netherlands and/or Flanders, pls contact me.

Jean Scholtes

I would like to join!

I'd like to add my blog to the list:

This Medical Marketing Blog is provided by Estco Medical (www.estcomedical.com) to track the trends and data relevant to interactive medical marketing. Issues also relate to healthcare IT adoption, medical education, and market research

i have not blogged in the past but i am very keen to do so and promise you all a very active participation.


May I join?

I've been writing a blog for more than a year on opening a bakery/coffeehouse in MidWest America, and all the ups, downs, and food involved in it.

Sign me up! I am the president and founder of The Norwich Group, a company that specializes in business consulting services for IT consultants, Small Software development companies and technology firms.

Count me in - if you'll have me : )

I'm CEO of InTouch, Inc. and I've been top blogger for B2B Lead Generation Blog (since October 2003).

Brian Carroll

Happy New Year !!

May I join ?

I'm Co-Founder & Vice President of Manalee, a rich media software publisher.


Diana Adjez

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