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Bonjour et bravo pour cette belle initiative à laquelle j'adhère :-).
Je dirige l'Agence GRC (www.agence-grc.com, www.e-democratie.org)
et William Fife Manufacturing Company (BtoC www.netdecoration.com et www.lundi8h.com)

I'm a bit late to the party, but this looks like a great idea -- please count me in.

I'm the founder of "Insanely Great Sites", and our focus is to help small business owners learn how to actually make money from their web sites. Of course, blogging is an essential part of virtually every strategy.

Now to just get to Paris :-)

- Chuck

I am the CEO of "Multtipla relacionamento & tecnologia" (Multtipla relationship & technology). I publicize an ezine about sales and marketing (eboletim.multtipla.com) and also I am writing a new sales book (ebook.multtipla.com) utilizing a blogger . Beyond that, my personnel website is being transfered to a blogger (www.satyro.com). I think that is enough for the blog part.
I would like to exchange informations and experience with you about the business ue of blog and the revolution that could be.
My SKYPE is "satyrooliveira" and my MSN "satyrooliveira@hotmail.com". Let's talk about blog one of this days.
Great idea this blog!
- Satyro


I run CodeAttest, a quality assurance company. We are located in Bulgaria. Our goals are to expand market needs for QA services by educating and advocating that testing can improve the whole process in software development. Blogging will help us get real input of things we do and reach many of the professionals in Bulgaria easily.

Hey All

I'm with incuBeta. We're an online marketing & tech company. Looking forward to some good discourse.


What a great idea, I’m in.

I am the CEO of an online real estate marketplace called the "The Venture Exchange."

We are located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and are expanding our reach and service continuum both domestically and internationally throughout the year.

Please take a moment to visit our blog at: http://theventureexchange.typepad.com. In addition to my meanderings, we will also be inviting many of our startup executives and Venture Capitalists clients to guest author in the future.



You wouldn't be the first person (my wife was) to consider my blog to be the ravings of a madman. Personally, I call it an authoritative and objective commentary on the latest Internet marketing news. Maybe I'm the only one, you'll have to visit and see.

Anyway, as the CEO of Weboptimiser, which specialises in search engine optimisation and search engine marketing services, has several web properties of its own and some very interesting R&D projects, I 'm in the middle of a crazy, coalface technology business.

So if my blog, which you'll find at Coalface online marketing, ever reads like it was written by a man who lives in a large room with 19 other men, 2 orderlies and a strapping male nurse, well that's the world we live in. Come and say hello.

Hi -

Please forgive me if I missed it, but I have been
looking everywhere here for the proper way to join you.

I've been self-employed for over 25 years, am the CEO
and managing partner of Ruach Enterprises, LLC, an
active blogger, direct-response offline and online
marketing consultant ... and I won't bore you with the

Will someone please tell me what to do / how to join
your group?

Respectfully -
Chip Tarver
CEO, Ruach Enterprises, LLC
Tennessee USA

Chanced upon this from a webzine. Love the whole idea of blogging. The networked world is a beautiful world. I am the managing director of Starcom in India.

Just found out about this site - fantastic! Count me in. Recently launched my first blog and am loving it! Looking forward to sharing ideas. I'm the President & CEO of The Radclyffe Group, a training & consulting firm for corporate contact centers.

Liz Ahearn

Looks like an interesting group. I am not sure you all will welcome me here. But I hope so. I am the owner and webmaster for www.ceoscope.com. It is an Irreverent look at CEO's. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I think many of you will enjoy the site as it matures over time. And I hope that I can get some good ideas from all of you over time.

Don't mind the section on rat out the CEO. That is all for fun. The site will have a serious tone as well. And should be a great resource for CEO information.


Hi Guillaume,

Following our meeting, I would be very interested in joining this club which I find is a very good initiative.

Very interested in joining and linking knowledge capital.

I am the VP, Sales and Marketing. One of those sales people who has fully adopted the value of weblogs.

Check out www.ceoscope.com. A great new photo of Bernie Ebbers playing in his hillbilly band.

Hi From Morocco,
My name is Taher ALAMI, Web Marketing Consultant, CEO and Founder of ABWEB CONSULTING (www.abweb.biz).
My Blog is http://www.monmaroc.com
Count me in !
Casablanca, Morocco

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