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Welcome Germany ! Herzliche Willkommen !;o)We are glad to see you join us ! Please send us 3-4 lines in sending a comment to this note, to give me some more informations to introduce you.

Many thanks and welcome again Stefan! ;o)

Can I play too? I think this is a great idea and it would be nice to have a place where corporate bloggers could get together to articulate their ideas and experiences in blogging.

I'm a systems engineer with Intraware Inc. and author of my company's blog (you recently re-posted my contribution to Global PR Blog Week on prplanet.)

Thanks for the warm welcome :-) Here is some introductory text about me:

Although Stefan does quite a bit of administrative stuff, he also trys to maintain some technical knowledge by consulting in customer projects while the company is still small enough for this to be feasible. His technical interests include large-scale software development, preferably using modern, object-oriented and/or component based techniques, and specifically two subareas - Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Model Driven Architecture (MDA).

Hola a todos!

I´m Alberto Knapp,CEO of The Cocktail, a User Experience consulting company in Madrid, Spain, and LaCoctelera.com, a blog company we just launched ;-)

www.the-cocktail.com > the company (it has a company blog, of course)
www.the-mixer.net > personal blog
www.lacoctelera.com > just released!.

It's a pity, but all my digital projection is in Spanish ;-((

Welcome Alberto ! We are happy to see spanish members increasing !

The CEO Blogger is a great idea. I would like to be a member of this network. I am a German Corporate Communication expert with substantial experience in the internet and publishing business. I am the founder of the corporate communciation agency econcon (http://www.econcon.de)which is focused on content services and PR for IT and media companies.

My Business Weblogs are

>> PR Blogger: http://klauseck.typepad.com/prblogger/
>> cyDome:
>> IT Frontal:


Klaus, Munich - Germany

Herzliche Willkommen Klaus ! ;o) We are happy to have a second german member joining us !


I'm the CEO, Co-Foudner of Blue Sky Collaborative. We create fundraising networks for nonprofit organizations.

Your idea is very intriguing and I hope to learn a great deal from the group.


Syam Buradagunta

Boston, Massachusetts USA

my blog link is above. I am the President/Founder/Owner of WhizSpark.

An email link would be nice!

Welcome Peter ! Thank you for the suggestion, I immediately create an email contact. :o)

This is a real interesting idea.
I'm the founder of the new ecommerce website mykaioo.com
Will create a blog soon
Francisque, Paris

I believe this blog is a great idea.

I am the Founder & CEO of kozoru (www.kozoru.com) and maintain a personal blog at www.johnsflowers.com. I am also the former CEO (and Founder) of nCircle Network Security (nCircle.com).

hey there,

saw the post about this on Loic's blog. I'm Pete Barr-Watson, CEO of Pixelfury; a UK based digital marketing agency/hosting company and I've been running a blog for nearly three years now. I've just moved over to MT3 so my archives (in pMachine) are to follow just as soon as I can work out how!

Guillaume, let me know if you need any more information from me?

I cam across this blog via Amol. Don't run a company, but a non-profit: Praja Foundation and have a personal blog AnarCapLib

Count me in!

Hi there,
that's a great idea. I am founder of hhS doing software consulting and development.
Blogging on HIRSCHgarden, KMU-Blog and IT Frontal.
Would be happy to join with ideas about RSS and Wiki's and of course with CEO questions and answers.

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