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please count me in!


Please count me in.

I'm founder and CEO of L'Envie SAS.

My blog : http://presspuree.blogs.com is about the creation of the company, its failures and successes.
I used it also to gather investors and make buzz (french radio "BFM" and french newspaper "Le Parisien")
Best regards,

I'm the CEO of Texell Interactive Media and would join your group. What you're doing is important and looks like fun. Let me know what I must do to join.

Rick Grant

Hey everyone,
I'll be joining you with pleasure ;) I'm CEO founder of WaveStorm (http://www.wave-storm.com) which develops wireless netwoks management software & CTO Founder of kamayo (http://www.kamayo.com ) which is a mobile agency specialised in mobile multimedia

See u at the next meeting!


I would be happy to participate too :) I'm CEO of the publicly listed Australian based STU Corp., Ltd., a telecommunication and technology company.


Stewart Skowitski


Interested in joining CEO Bloggers as well.
CEO of (edge) management consulting and
(enlibra) executive corporate coaching in UK.

Regards, Juilette Williams

Hi everyone,

I would love to join CEO Bloggers and add to this weblog with like minded individuals, great to see so many interesting people. CEO of consulting and coaching company with current blog 'bigListener' in throws of revamp.


Juilet at edge consulting | enlibra coaching

I am the CEO of International Commerce Alliance. An outsourcing company located in, Pittsburgh, USA. I would like to join in this group as well.

I am the Founder & CEO of condoDomain.com which ultimately created StradaVentures & Virtuale Films to help broker/agents & developers market residential condominiums in urban markets accros the country. I look forward in learning more about your company and blogging in general. Sincerly, Tony L. My blog - www.floorthru.com

Hi there,

I would love to join CEO Bloggers'Club.
I'm chairman & CEO of AWAK'IT
My blog : ericblot.blogs.com

Hi there,

I would be enchanted to join you, to share my experience and grow with you.

I'm CEO of Bagatelles.fr (gifts ecommerce). I blog at http://www.bagatelles.fr/blog

So please, count me in !

My name is Raphael Boukris. I'm associate in 30+ companies in France, I'd like to join you as a business angel and an entrepreneur


I would be happy to participate too !

I'm the CEO and founder of www.donnezvotreavis.com & www.nextmodernity.com


j'ai créé il y a six mois une société de services aux entreprises (conseil, coaching et formation)... et je tiens le Journal du Coach un blog sur le management et les stratégies relationnelles: www.troisiemevoie.com.

Je vous rejoindrais avec plaisir!

Hi Guillaume,

thanks for this initiative. I'd love to join! My name is Olaf Kreitz, I am co-founder of braintransfer AG in Germany and CEO of braintransfer, Inc. New York. Our corporate blog can be found at http://www.imarketingsuite.com, my personal at http://www.kreitz.de (in German only for now). Let me know how I can contribute.

A plus tard..........Olaf

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