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Initiative très intéressante. Pouvez-vous me considérer comme membre de votre club ? Je pense répondre à vos critères. J’ai fondé Mémo Technique (agence de rédaction) il y a maintenant 6 ans. J’anime deux Weblogs. Celui de l’agence (www.memotechnique.com) ainsi qu’un deuxième plus personnel (http://jclat.typepad.com/think/). Sans compter plusieurs autres pour le compte de différents clients.

Nous pourrions peut être arriver à convaincre Cyrille de Lasteyrie et Gildas Bonnel de nous rejoindre …

Très Cordialement

Jean-Christophe Latournerie
Mémo Technique
1, Place Paul Verlaine
92100 Boulogne
01 41 31 36 93
06 15 04 76 42

You are very welcome Jean-Christophe !

Sorry to answer to your post in english, but even if this initiative is coming out from Paris, the most international this club could be, the most interesting it will be for us all, and unfortunatelly for french native, we have to fight against our world wide bad reputation of bad english speakers...;o)

More over, we have to show that we are definitelly open to welcome CEO bloggers from every country, and that for, make them feel confident that we will use the most understandable language by all.

Concerning Gildas and Cyrille, in my deepest dreams, I see them blogging in around... 2013... ;o) Hopefully, they will be faster, perhaps could you help me on this issue...;o)

Welcome again Jean-Christophe !

Merci Guillaume de cette initiative :)

Intéressé de faire parti du club.
Présentation rapide :

Laurent BERVAS
Directeur Général
39 ans

J'ai créé et je dirige DATA Synthèse une société de logiciels basée à Paris.

Nous intervenons dans différents domaines d'activité aussi bien en France qu'à l'étranger.

Nous avons des projets de développement en Chine et au Maroc.

Mon blog professionnel : http://lbervas.typepad.com

DATA Synthèse
33, rue du Louvre
75 002 PARIS
Tél. : 01 53 40 16 16

Welcome on board Laurent ! Thank you for supporting the Club by joining us !

I'd like to become the first non French member of the club. Here are my details:

Julio Alonso
Managing Partner
Intélica Venture Management (www.intelica.es)
Paseo de la Castellana, 128 - 7º
28046 Madrid

I am 35, being a management consultant for about 10 years now, and founded Intelica almost two years ago.

My main blog is Merodeando por la enredadera (www.merodeando.com). I also mantain a less frequently updated English language blog Merodeando - English Version (www.merodeando.com/en). I participate as well in a couple of group blogs: Bitacoras.org and a soon to be launch Spanish language gadget blog (http://www.merodeando.com/archivos/000256.php).

Can't promise to attend Paris face to face meetings, but I think I fulfill all other requirements.


I am the CEO and co-founder of Conceptis Technologies, a Montreal-based Internet firm specializing in virtual communities in the health care field.

Je souhaite donc m'inscrire au Club. Je suis particulièrement intéressé par tous les outils virtuels qui sont utilisés pour mobiliser, promouvoir ou aider.

Roger Simard

Hi Julio,

Bienvenido Espana ! ;o) I was wondering whether we could see some other european CEO blogger joining us ! You made it ! We are more than happy to welcome you.

I fully understand it won't be easy to attend our bi-monthly meeting in Paris, but I hope you'll have the opportunity to come and see us even once in the 6 sessions that will be organised the first year, but the most important is that I want to make sure the content of each IRL meeting will be online the following day, to share the discussions we had with all members who were not abble to attend.

Julio, your input concerning the evolution of spanish corporate use of weblogs will be precious for us.

Hi Roger,

Welcome Montréal ! This time we are farer away than Spain ! ;o) We are happy to welcome you in our club and really appreciate you participate in this initiative.

Hi There, I am the Founder and CEO of Stratagility. And I very much wish to participate in this endeavour.

My approach to business strategy is very much in the mould of Prahalad & Hamel. That the focus of Strategy is best placed on innovating, on envisioning and then creating the future to ones own advantage.

With Stratagility, I am building a business that helps others repeatedly innovate to create new business, a capability that I call “Strategic Agility”.

Stratagility offers solutions & services in Strategy, Innovation and Knowledge Management.

In the KM field, I am a strong proponent of a completely fresh approach to KM. One that stops making KM a burden, instead of huge big bang or top down, it engages people first, promoting KM as a way to make every individuals personal KM, their work and life easier, more enjoyable and more efective. I see the new energies that personal publishing technologies are unleashing through tools such as blogs and wiki's as part of the new wave of KM.

I encourage my professional friends, and those who know me, to think of me as their personal Knowledge Management Office (KMO), someone to come to for advice when they need help with improving their personal or their business performance and innovation. Through such exchanges I expect that I will learn and benefit as much as they do.

All the best, Mark


At the present time I'am just "ceo" of my own personnal company - yaka solutions -"global projects solutions"

My job : to assist ceo and operational managers in terms of human relations, organization, administration and logistics to search, find and make use of adapted solutions to the specifics problems they encounter to manage their global projects

I'am very much interested by the use of "collaborative tools" by your community and would enjoy to join you.


Alain Lafon

Hi I am a future fortune 500 CEO, Im currently a student at ASU, and was wondering if you guys had any key advice for me?

I am the CEO of Charles Abbott Associates in southern California. I am using my blog as a communication tool to help me stay in touch with my 135 employees spread out over 20 different geographical locations. I would love to join your group.

I am the Managing Director of a Supply Chain consulting firm in Atlanta Georgia. I am a huge blog viewer and I would genuinely enjoy the chance to join and participate in your group. Keep up the great work and focus.

Dear CEO BLOGGERS,how are you folks today ?
Just a question on how words are spelt in english !!!
are they typos or just a case of a new word being developed ? ie.on thee home page paragraph 2...(abble)sic...
please have a nice safe day !! BUCKLE up and drive safe on thee information highway !! au revoir,from cornwall,ontario CANADA !

I see the use of Spanish above. Is there a source
for one in Japanese?


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