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Very interesting article :))
> the best option you can go for in a complex world
> ... is to develop a strong sense of adaptation

I agree. That is why it's not easy to have "VCs on bloard" : they prefers stability.

And I will add : in a complex world you need strong visions. You have to keep the focus on your goals.

As a CEO blogger I just try to be myself with sincerity. As you say it's not possible to control all the interactions.
That is why blog is magic tool : you have to tell the truth. It' a lie detector.

And I'm conviced that with that attitude blog-iquity will work for me ;)

PS : who is Cyberlibris ? The link to your blog is not active.

To discover Cyberlibris, you have to click on our member's name "Eric Briys" in the members typelist, the link is working, I checked it ;o)

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