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I guess a good start would be to ask each of the members what is their speciality/focus or which of the categories they are already using on their blogs could be relevant here. It is likely that most of us will be writing about issues we already find interesting to blog on our own blogs.

I can provide you with my list of categories to start the debate off. Then the esteemed owner of this blog can sort them out and decide on the final list. :-)

Corporate blogs (links to existing corporate blogs)
RSS syndication (technology and its application)
Development (new ideas and projects)
Blog software (different packages such as Blogger, MT, TypePad, Expression Engine, Textpattern, Wordpress etc)
Marketing & PR/Communication
Internal blogs
Company identity blogs (based on cluetrain concept of open company)
Trends & Strategy
Personal (stories, announcements, the human side of blogging)
Fat cats (issues related specifically to executive blogging)

Hope this makes sense and look forward to more suggestions.

You might want to think about installing a companion wiki. We did this for Global PR Blog Week, with its companion the NewPR wiki. It has worked out quite nicely.

A blog is good for ongoing conversations, initiating debate, etc. A wiki is good for storing information, such as links to articles, books etc. It is good also for archiving chapters of a book - maybe after the chapter gets initiated/kicked around on the blog first.


I think it is a good idea to ask everyone what is the contribution that it could bring to the Club.
Concerning me, it would be completely different that what you could find on my personal Blog.

On my blog, I intend to talk about everything I see, with a personal style that may be will interest a very few people. But it is above all a way to share informations and thinkings about all subjects I like, without business motivations at all.

For the CEO's club, I propose to bring my vision of a Marketing and Communication "expert" (too strong world, I know). It means :
- How companies can use blogs in their business ?
- Who writes the Blog ? Is it open to all employees ? Il it only for people who have something to say ?
- What are the risks ?
- What is the rythm of publication ?
- What subjects must be chosen ?
- And what about technic ?
- How much does it cost ?
- What are the good and bad exemples of blogs ?
And so on...

As a manager of an agency almost specialised in B-to-B issues, I know that at the end, enven if the Blog is a fantastic world, I would have to face very simple objections and operational questions.

I think that the experience of all the members of this Club coulb be benefic for everybody. If we could get a hudge data base of arguments, exemples and thinkings about bloging, we could participate to a faster credibility of this tool.

Anyway, I think the Adriana's list is a very good begining. I work on it...

Yes, Elizabeth is right. The Global PR blog week was a splendid event and the NewPR wiki has allowed the goodness to continue. :-)

Blog is for publishing our individual ideas, wiki may be for those times when we might want to decide on something collectively, such as categories and perhaps other matters as they come up.

Another point on categories, none of them need to set in stone. Of course, there should be some common understanding what each category means but I think an emergent nature of blogs and their content is one of the most attractive features of this medium. As people write about what interests them, the right categories will emerge over time anyway. Over to you...

This makes a lot of sense Adriana. I fully agrre, this idea is just to try to give initial orientation to launch the thing.


Yes having a companion wiki is a very good idea.. I can set-it up on my wiki hosting platform xwiki.com..

One thing is that I already create a while ago http://entreprendre.xwiki.com or http://undertake.xwiki.com (I'm not sure if the english name is a good one) to be an entrepreneurial wiki..

I'm not sure it's exactly the same as CEOBloggers since it is not necessary bloggers and not necessarly CEOs..

I can create a ceobloggers.xwiki.com wiki and we can see where it goes..

Done.. I've created http://ceobloggers.xwiki.com
You can play around with it, since it is currently completely public and you can also register to create an account. I'm off until monday without email, so I'll check any issues on monday.



Good idea with the wiki, I agree that the blogs should help in debates and ideas exchange while the wiki can act as a repository for all sorts of things.

As the we have diverse backgrounds I am sure this has the potential of becoming a great resource for learning; as such I was thinking that perhaps this blog can have a dual role: (i) a place for comments and observations with respect to business, culture, technology, etc and (ii) a tool for knowledge sharing & building coming mainly from each other's experience - either from inside or from outside the corporate world we are all in.

Dragos, absolutely. I think we should use the wiki that Ludovic so promptly set up for us to 'brainstorm' some categories.

Fine, I am creating a typelist to give access to the wiki directly from our blog home page.

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