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Hello Guillaume,

Let me apologize in advance for the unsolicited nature of this email.

I am a Master's Candidate student in Industrial Technology at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. My fellow graduate students and I are conducting an online blog survey to understand "why bloggers blog."


It should take no more than 5 minutes to finish, and the results will be publicly published online. Should you have time, please participate and contribute to our data set.

It would also be great if you might mention the survey with a link on your blog entry, or forward the link to your friends. We hope that the survey will spread around and, most importantly, we want people from a wide range of demographics and countries to fill it out. Of course, this is totally at your discretion and certainly understandable if you don’t feel comfortable doing this. We know there have been many online studies done on blogs, but we have not yet seen one with the goal of determining "why bloggers blog."

I appreciate you taking the time to read this email. Should you have any questions feel free to email me back.

Sincerely yours,

Adam Bennett
Master's Candidate
Appalachian State University

Hello, Guillaume. I am the managing partner (CEO) of Lubetkin & Co. Communications, a public relations and communications consultancy I formed after 25 years in senior executive positions in corporate communications with Fortune 100 companies. More information on my practice is at http://www.lubetkin.net. I am blogging and podcasting in Lubetkin's Other Blog (http://lubetkinsotherblog.blogspot.com) and in support of my monthly computer column, CompuSchmooze, at http://compuschmooze.blogspot.com.

Shortly, I will be launching an e-zine devoted to covering the people inside the bond rating agencies on Wall Street, called RatingAgency.com (http://www.ratingagency.com). Look for a blog associated with that venture as well.

Visa/MasterCard accepted!

Hello Guillaume,

I'm Leslie Simonfalvi, founder, director, and owner of the International Teacher Training & Development College, the training agent of the International Language School Group in Budapest, Hungary.

I run some educational blogs and you might consider visiting them or some of them:

I would like to join your Club. Please tell me about the next step.



Count me in as well. I and my partner Hugh Fraser have started Blog Relations in London to advise companies on how to set up their own blogs. We have our own blog, and lots of ideas on how blogs can be used a humanise and mould the image of an organisation. If there are other London bloggers out there, perhaps we should arrange a meeting on this side of the channel - as well as the Paris one of course.

Il manque un thème à arborder dans votre blog : les dizaines de milliers d'entrepreneurs français à l'étranger qui ne manquent pas de bonnes initiatives, qui crééent des emplois pour des français en plus de créer le leur... et qui joue un rôle essentiel dans le rayonnement mondial de la France. J'ai décidé de préparer un tour du monde des entrepreneurs français pour recueillir leur témoignage, afin de mieux faire connaître et de valoriser leur parcours, leur oeuvre.
Pour en savoir plus, je vous invite à visiter mon site www.entrepreneursfrancais.com et si le projet vous intéresse, d'accepter de publier une note dans votre rubrique "initiatives" car je recherche des partenaires.
Merci de votre attention et aide.
Salutations distinguées.
Sylvain PEUCH

I would like to join. Bio on my Blog. http://jimestill.blogspot.com/

Dear Guillaume
Please can you send me your RSS link to this site?


Hi. I'm Irene Fernández, CEO of AgenciaBlog.
I write in AgenciaBlog's blog, and at Buenos Aires de Diseño.
I would like to join CEO Bloggers' Club. Please tell me about the next step.


Hi, I'd like to join the club! I just launched my blog -- you can read about me at www.INTERNETinc.com/about


Hi Guillaume
I'm the VP of oltiby.com and I am intersted in becoming member of the intersting club to share ideas, feedback with other business owner and promote reverse online auctions. Here is my blog http://reverse-auctions.blogspot.com/
Take care

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