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First of all I would like to thank again Guillaume for his initiative.
I’m Happy to discuss here in English, with my French accent ;)

But before answering “How”, first I would like to explain “Why”.

Two main raisons for me.

Blogging is for me a great opportunity to find new customers, partners, friends … inside and outside my country. I have experienced blogging for few weeks and returns are already very positive.
Lets hope that I’ll make some more in this club ;)

It’s Maybe the most important raison.
I think as a CEO (and as a person), I have some responsibilities not only in the business Area.
I love Michael Moore. He is a good professional. But with 9/11 he has crossed the “border” to get in the political field. And I thank him for doing that.

I believe being committed doesn’t deserve my company.
I have admiration for 2 great CEO : Steve Jobs and Richard Branson (*). They use their personality to promote their companies.
The message is, I think, “I’m my company”.
Right now, where trust is one of the most important company's value, being yourself, speaking with strong convictions and emotions make your message more efficient.
(I love Google's code of conduct : “Don’t Be Evil”).

I believe we are lucky here in France and in Europe to still have some freedom of language.
I remember one of my friend, an American journalist, that told me how frightened she was to be sued by the companies she was writing about.

I’ve to admit that I’ve the chance to run my own company. And I have managed until now without the help of VC. I love them (like my banker;), but with VC in the board of directors, you may loose a part of your freedom (of speech).

This post is a good example.
First, I listen to my emotions as a person.
Second, I think to my audience: do I have something interesting to speak about?
I try to express personal views only when I think I’ve the authority to do that.

Of course I use filters to protect my family, my friends and my company.
Like Elizabeth, I accept to make some mistakes. But taking risks is a part of our job, isn’t it ?

As conclusion, if you want to be heard as a (CEO) Blogger, you have to be honest and personal.
If it’s just PR, if you are only politically correct, you will loose a big part of your audience.

(*) I also have some admirations for Bill Gates … for his ability to use lawyers to preserve his monopoly. Saying that, I hope I won’t be sued in US ? ;).

Hello I am Cyrille (CEO of Sidièse, a marketing and communication agency, 18 people, IT specialised, in Paris).

I really agree with Laurent.
I personnally use blogs for three reasons :
- To participate to a great experience.
- To give good advices to my clients.
- To "meet" people I would never meet in other situations.

I have two blogs.
One is a game for me and I use it to learn the mecanism of progression into the blog community. I write things that I have in mind and that are not connected to my business. It is like a personnal media. Funny. True.
The other blog is more serious and will be sent for the first time at the end of the week. I am finishing it. It's a newsletter that I will send to all my clients (200 people) :
- lasts creations of my agency
- actuality of my clients
- marketing and advertising concepts
- people movements
- good books
I hope they will read it and most of all, that they will comment.
I want this media take the place of my paper newsletter, which is long to build, expensive, and obsolete as soon as it is received by my business comunity.

Anyway, i am thinking about making a third blog, personal but professional. Which is takes a lot of time (I am married whith two kids !!!).

Questions for the CEO's Blogger club :
What do you expect from this club ?
How can we make this original connexion alive and useful ?

Have a good day.

Eric, one of our recent members, is making reference on his blog(http://cyberlibris.typepad.com/)to several articles, and one is about "A closer look at why people blog". This is a sixteen page study on the issue... Eric, could you tell us when it has been conducted and in which context ?

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