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OK for the next meeting in China. I bring the wine.

Romantising China. With such titillating vocabulary like "mysterious" on top of it. It was the same 25 years ago with Japan, along with a book "Japan as Number One" that would read today as a comic book. I was dead serious when I read it while learning Japanese at the university in Paris. You are perfectly right when you write "They're consumers too.". This should deflate any "mystery" left. After 20 years in Japan, what I can say is that the minimum conditions for things to move in terms of local investment is a factor of the local presence of people, not only money, of your nationality and mine. When you read that the possible retreat of Carrefour from Japan would create a huge vacuum in local French overall investments value, or sometimes last year that the end of the Korean TGV line construction meant a huge movement of commercial balance between Korea and France, you have to figure out by yourself what had been until then the reality of local presence in these countries. So if you think like having your next meeting in China with wine or not, you may consider opening at least a representative office in China at the same time, with the clear objective to turn that office into a full fledged corporation in less than 5 years. You may also consider moving yourself to China for a while first.
PS. I am not a CEO but I enjoy reading your blog from Tokyo.

Thank you for your comment. I share your opinion concerning the strategy of going to China. That's why I'm planning to open an office next year.
Concerning my "romanticizing" China, I think I wanted to transmit two ideas:
-Let's not be afraid of the Chinese. Like the Japanese, they have a lot to learn... maybe from us. And I believe the new generation is open to new ideas.
-The color of the future depends on the color of our ideas. We will have to fight big problems in the coming years. We have to be ready for action, with a positive spirit.

A couple of entrepreneurs (Loic, Ivan, Mihai, Pascal, Mathieu and myself) recently had a very good meeting in China... check http://www.n-star.info and our respective blogs...

I'm study mandarin in Guangzhou and blog from time to time about chinese internet and mobile markets. You may also consider my weblinks about the topic.

As a china based websurfer, I often remind bloggers that *typepad.com hosted blogs are not available to commons chinese websurfer. Censorship. So if you want them to read you, set up some mirrors or email newsletters. I use proxy and RSS agregators to read you guys.

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