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An interesting plan, Laurent.

I don't know about France, but here in The Netherlands, you might actually find it easier to get going as an entrepreneur than some places. There seem to be new ventures popping up every day here in Amsterdam!

The UK is probably the easiest place in the EU to get started. I read a story in a UK paper this past weekend about the increasing number of German entrepreneurs who are incorporating their businesses in the UK, ie, forming limited companies there. Amazingly quicker, easier and less costly than doing that in Germany.

I wish you good luck in your Moroccan venture!

Is Morocco a safe place to set up a company? Is it stable?

I feel that Morocco is indeed a safe place to set up a company. It is stable and terrorism is under control. Many French companies are already well established, and many more are on the way.

[This comment was dictated via telephone to Alexandra, since Laurent is currently in China and has limited Internet access.]

Taxi G7 had a experiment in Morocco. Now they come back to France because they had a lot "cultural" problems to have a good service for the clients. Morocco is a good place to have a small team (if you have "rich" business to outsource) or big team (if you have "poor" business to outsource) BUT don't forget that 1) if the people is very good, he will emigrate and you will have a difficult turn over 2) with european integration, you will have more facilities with roumanie for example; Now it's impossible to have people in france and to pay them like in Rumania (you have to pay like as the law WHERE is the business says ) BUT there is a law in Bruxelles, that proposes to change this law and to pay the people as the law in the country of the firm says. recently, a polish firm proposed people to work in the farms in France for 5 euros per hour !! read our blog on tubbydev.cm if you are interested by this kind of problems !!

Je pense (et à cause de cet anglais que j'essaie d'utiliser ;-)) que j'ai oublié d'être précis. Je ne parlais pas forcément de délocalisation au Maroc mais les raisons citées montrent les difficultés. A cause ou grâce à la libre circulation des personnes, les très bons spécialistes marocains émigrent et il est dur d'avoir un business sans trun over là bas. beaucoup d'étudiants marocains vus dans une école comme HEC arrivent en voulant après leurs études retourner au Maroc mais en fin de compte restent en France. L'intégration européenne qui pousse bcp d'entreprises à s'installer en Europe de l'est fait que bcp d'européens de l'est ne vont pas forcément s'exiler en Occident et que beaucoup de business vont devenir transversaux en Europe.

Everything you are saying WAS true, but things are changing. I've seen many Moroccans make the return trip, disappointed by Europe. I think we’re on the verge of a complete reversal of what was true in the past.

Despite the high cost of living in Silicon Valley, California, U.S., I'm still able to meet a lot of driven and aspired entrepreneurs here. In my opinion, it's probably one of the best places to start a technology company because of it's wealth of experienced professionals and capital (i.e. Google employees).

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