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I think that the response should not be limiting but rather encouraging people to share their ideas. Giving exclusivity to members of the same country, etc. is too restricting.

A suggestion: encouraging replication. There are many good bloggers in this club who could reproduce articles from their personal blogs in this forum.
ps I leave for a two-week trip to China tomorrow. Don't be surprised if I don't post until my return. (But maybe I will!)

Guillaume, what you're asking (inputs from people) would be well geared to running a wiki.


Your 2 idea are good. It is a good thing to have a guideline but let's see the other opinion !

Too much management kills creativity too! :-) A blog is an emergent debate, some posts are more interesting than others. Not all need to be debated with the same intensity. Also, building up audience and contributions takes time and there is already some great stuff here.

I think cross-posting would be great, we all are writing about blogging and related matters on our blogs, it would make sense to get the benefit of that content as well.

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