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A new way of working is compulsory...Not because we can make a lot of monney but just because we have to do something to get a chance to succeed...In that kind of "battlefield"...Logos can be the focus point as a light in a global economy.
But,they have to reflect sincerely, quality, behaviour, ethics...
They have to be the rignt connection between the world you want to get people in and you...They have to tell your story and the story you want to promote...
That's why logos are not over but if the only slogan you can tell under yours is "buy it and shup up" it would show only one thing...U've got no respect of the human being in front of you so u don't recpect yourself...
So believe in your project, be efficient, do it as you want it must be and make it funky...Maybe you succeed, may be not but you'll remain yourself...
and that's the only way...


Logos and brands are signs, symbols. So they are neutral. They begin to loose their neutrality when a concept is applied to them. And people always apply concepts to categorize things.

Ethics, goodness, badness are not intriscally in logos : they are in action.

"Max Havellar" "Made with Dignity", "Oxfam" are logos too

My 2 eurocents ;)

Well, of course, as Marx said, history was waiting for him to heave-to on the horrizon, and if it hadn't been him, individually, who "invented" Marxism well, it might have been Karl Bush, or Karl Blair ... It is a similar conjunction in history that spawned Naomi Klein. But just as any sane person says: "Thank heaven for Karl Marx!" soon we might be saying: "Thank heaven for Naomi Klein!" She arrived on the scene when the world really needed her, and her NO LOGO!

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