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I don't see why one-to-one is less personal than one-to-many? If a blog tries to promote products that does not at all fit my needs, I'll probably not read it again :)

Comments on your dislikes with one-to-one:
1. You say that the companies that use one-to-one marketing don't care about their customers. That's an interesting claim. If a company is using one-to-one, it's probably because they try to reach their customers and potential customers in a better way and that is not really a signal of them not caring is it? "There is convenience, which I appreciate, but I don't feel any emotion towards it. So, the image of one-to-one is false." And you feel more emotions towards companies that do one-to-many? I would love to hear why.

2. "The only way one-to-one marketing works is if I freely give the corporation extensive information about my wants, needs, desires, etc." - what about the data the company already has on you? Think about web applications and what they know about you (language, visit history, navigation history, geographical location, etc.). Companies making use of GPS are beginning to show up, and in that market we'll see killer apps since users will get relevant information.
You also seem like you have something against the fact that the companies' goal is to sell you their products, but I think that it is the goal of all companies, non?

3. That depends on the implementation doesn't it? I have just as many feedback channels for websites that use one-to-one as I have with one-to-many. If I'm profiled to be an A user, I might even get better and quicker ways of giving and getting feedback.

Thanks Elizabeth.
Great post :))

It shows why all the CRM tools (SIEBEL, etc...) are not giving a good return on investment : impersonnal.

An other exemple In my opinion that shows that the futur is for small companies with genuine voices.

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