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If the lecturer you are refering to is the sameone I listened to in Alava a few days ago, then what I understood he said was not that "blogs are a source of innovation", but that they are an innovation per se (a new way to communicate to audiences inside and outside of your company). Then he added that most likely even the most innovative companies in your sector are not using them yet, so it is your chance, for once, to be first with something in your

Do I earn any money by being the "first with something"? I think that is what companies are looking for, isn't it?

The people making money on blogs are doing it by selling eyeballs to advertisers.

Why does that scare you?


I don't think that's necessarely the point. Obviously companies considering public blogging (as opposed to internal blogging) are looking at its positive effects for the company, but those needn't be monetary. Most likely they are improved reputation, awareness, etc.

Gosh, some people are even doing it just to improve their searchability by Google.

The only people looking at Blogs as a business per se are the ones into nanopublishing.

Hello everybody,
José, are you referring to the conference in Vitoria? If so, I don't remember having you there, but, as Julio has pointed out, the point about companies and blogging is the new way of communication implied in the process, not really the advertising.
Nevertheless, I perceived a sour note in your comment, complaining about people living on guru-ing, conferencing and so on. Being myself a promoter of guru-free spaces, I was charmed to share the conference with practicioner bloggers such J.L. Orihuela or Julio Alonso. Besides, promoting a better way of doing things through blogging is just the purpose of CEOBloggers, I think, and that was exactly what happened in Vitoria, during the very first important conference on corporate blogging.

Just to finish my exposition, it's not about Blogs as a Business, but Blogs IN Businesses.

Then there's the business of getting businesses a blog, which I'm trying to get up and running.

Blogs are so versatile that they can be a business all by themselves, or an important part of another business.

They can also be a public relations and marketing compontent for either an online business or a traditional bricks and mortar company. Helping other businesses add blogs to their business is also a business opportunity too. Writing blog posts as an experienced professional blogger is also a business of the future.

The scope for blogs and their relationship as businesses and as part of other businesses is unlimited.

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