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I agree except the thing about google news. Of course it allows us to gather lots of information easily, but have you ever thought about how Google can influence the information you get? I use google news every day, but using it as a single information source is some kind of dangerous.

Just my 2 cents.

Of the 4 you mention, I believe the innocuous, silly sounding blog (and the ecology of derivations/variations) that has the greatest potential for dramatic social change. This truly represents a publishing revolution as great as the printing press. For the first time, millions of ordinary people are beginning to share their thoughts in an easy, natural, conversational manner.

Blogging combines so many beneficial elements, but at first glance, individually they are easy to dismiss, or underestimate. Its only when you look at the combined effect, and actually watch the way behaviour that is exerted and emerges across a collective network of blogs that one begind to realize the power of waht seems such a silly little thing.

From Business (better performanve improvements, more innovation) to education (greater creativity & learning) to democracy (more voices, more transparency) to research (faster transmission of ideas) the improvement and change will be profound.. in 10 years we will look back on personal publishing as a major step forward.

I'll try and write up a blog on my blog about what the benefits that Im seeing are and why they form such value in combination. I'd love to hear from others on what their thoughts are about the individual aspects of blogs and their benefits

I would also like to add Online Business Networking to Economy 2.0.

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