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Terrific site -- congrats! I'm a lawyer, a law and business professor and a money manager who has pioneered an approach to socially responsible investing called "Advocacy Investing." It looks at the behaviors of companies, and seeks to align the values or missions of investors with their investments. (My book on the topic -- my 32nd book on legal and financial topics --will be published in '05 by Institutional Investor.) I am exploring the notion of lauching a blog at advocacyinvesting.com (am underutilized URL my law firm's investment advisory affiliate owns) which would invite anybody who knows anything about socially responbile investing (or thinks he or she does) to post commentary or data and invite reaction. I won't screen or edit the posts (except to make sure they're on topic and lawful), but merely want to encoure debate. Any reaction to such a clearinghouse of ideas in community-blog format? Anything similar out there I might look at as a model? Thanks.

Marc Lane

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