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Is this a good idea? I don´t know...I like reading this blog because it contains your thoughts on current topics, on things that happen between everday´s business. Not (yet) being a CEO but writing my diploma thesis on Business Performance Measurement, it´s great to read what you people in charge think about the developments we talk about. About where things are goint to. This is non-business business, and it´s great. Of course this blog can help making connections - but does it have to be one of it´s main purposes? I don´t know...I don´t think so.

hello Falco,

"Non-business business" is a very good expression. But it's difficult to provide...
If you need to learn what "we talk about" for your thesis, I would answer that we talk a lot about business. It doesn't mean hard business, it means that we are all here to develop something. This blog could be a very useful platform to exchange, not only thoughts, but also services, contacts, produtcs, anything !
I agree with you: i also appreciate reading this blog, but I feel we can do someting more... I think it's now time to create a real connexion. To see what financial experts can say to marketing people, engineers to lawyers, etc. I would love it...
If it doesn't happen, I'll still be happy to read, and may be write a thing or two... But that's all.


Great site! I've added CEO Bloggers' Club to the resource list on my new blog: BlogWrite for CEOs. As for "what to write about," I recommend that you let your passion guide you. You're all smart, right? Your readers want to know what you care about and what you're really thinking about. (I'm also publisher of WordBiz Report at www.wordbiz.com.)

My company ReferNet is an online business referral networking community platform. Currently, we operates 2 vertical communities:

    a) ReferNet for Referrals - a networking community for Entrepreneurs to exchange referrals and find business partners.
    b) ReferNet for Real Estate - a netwokring community for the Real Estate Industry.

We plan to expand into other vertical communities in the future. So why did we choose this approach? We believe it effectively helps business owners target the right audience when they belong to a focused community versus a broad horizontal one. It also helps us identify our members' needs and offer vertical market solutions.

Here is the aim of this site as it was represented to me when I signed up:

(quote) The aim of this Club is to gather CEOs who believe in the blogosphere and its extraodinary potential and to offer them a place to share with other companies leaders the experimentation they are conducting thanks to weblogs. Corporate blogging, CRM, marketing, PR, internal communication, are part of the different ways blogs are being used today, but as we all know, we are only at the begining. And who is abble to say how weblogs will affect our business tomorrow ? (end quote)

That's a very good aim. 60 people have joined in 2 months. It takes some blog sites 5 years to get that many readers and most never do. I would start by sticking to the original aim. I'm not sure how many post articles fit that description so maybe we're off target a bit and people aren't responding? Here's an idea on the next 5 posts:

1. CEO Blogging - good or bad?
2. How to use Blogging as a CRM tool
3. How should blogs fit your marketing message?
4. Ins and Outs of effective use of Blog as a PR tool
5. Should CEO's use blogs as an internal communication tool?

In any case, I'm willing to give this thing some time and effort and I hope others are too.

Hello Marty.
The problem is, according to me, that we have very different people here. For a CEO like you, working everyday with PR Problematics, it is an excellent tool to get informations, experiences and elements that will really help you to make your job better.
But we also have CEOs from other worlds who would may be prefer to share other experiences than Bloging things.
That is why I wrote this post: to see what CEOs expect from this blog. I feel that it is not clear yet, even if I also think that we can get great things from it.
May be we must identify families of interests and make special areas, I don't know. I will be pleased to talk about that again, at the next meeting.

I would suggest that CEOs who are interested in business networking, begin with posting the type of profiles Cyrille suggests in the wiki. The wiki will then become an organized resource of information for people seeking business connections. Doing it in the blog format, with its reverse dating, etc. would not be effective or user-friendly for that purpose.

This blog should remain a place for conversation: CEOs sharing their thoughts on business, blogging, branding, etc. and responding to comments from people who are interested in learning more.

> I would suggest that CEOs who are interested in
> business networking, begin with posting the type
> of profiles Cyrille suggests in the wiki

I agree :)

Thank you Elizabeth.
Your idea (not mine :-)) is a good way to mix both conversations and connexions.
I just hope that people will use the wiki as easily as blogging. It seems more dificult for the moment, but I'll do my best.

The wiki does have a little learning curve, but once you get into it, I think you'll love it! It is much better for organizing information. I read on someone else's blog today that blogs are conversations while wikis are content...or something to that effect.

Thanks Cyrille for your wake up call, I agree in some respect, but I believe we should not re-invent the wheel too much. There are some great networking apps out there for just that purpose, and Im sure many of us have alread invested the time they require to input our details etc. What I suggest is that we use them to complement this space, not instead of. So for example, LinkedIn, www.linkedIn.com, provides a brilliant networking soltion that we can actually use for that purpose. There are others but LinkedIn currently has a Groups service, which would specifically tie all us 60 CEO's together in one professional network. where our profile is already up there for that prpose already. I believe that this blogspace does a lot more than though.. Each of our blogs provides a much more extensive insight into our real personas. Also I believe it provides us with a really good community of CEO Practice, that will help CEO's share and deepen insights into their own work practices and needs. I also believe that it could be a very practical way of developing good business insights that buisness researchers in academia, or guru's doing the conference circuit cant access so readily. That is the view from the "Horses Mouth" real CEO's talking and sharing insights into real CEO issues.

Hey Marty, I would be very happy to see you launching the following topic:
"Should CEO's use blogs as an internal communication tool?" as you've been suggesting in the previous comment...;o)

Why stop at CEOS's though, wouldnt blogs be a great tool for all employees to use for internal communications?

Yes also of course, , I was just picking up one of the topics you suggested ... ;o)


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