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Marie, the likes of Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Dave Sifry, Adam Curry, et al are all huge tech names - and bloggers, too. You can't really be in the loop on techie blogging if you haven't heard of them - sorry.

As for "good PR"...why yes, they are widely-read bloggers. :-)

Hi Jackie, thanks for your comment. They may are big names but it does not mean they are a reference...(or if so according to who?)

That's why I underlined a great case of PR...

If you want Microsoft and you want blogging, you want Robert Scoble. He's a great blogger.

The concept of who is a reference for whom in the blogosphere is certainly interesting, and depends on your field of interest.

But from a blogging phenomenom perspective, all these guys have massive readerships: Winer has participated to the development of RSS and Radio UserLand - one of the first blogging tools, Adam Curry is Mr Podcasting, Doc is a famous journalist and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto, Scoble is THE Microsoft blogger,... All quite influential, because of the number of people who read/quote/comment their blogs.

Hi, just coming up to blogging and correlated technicals items for business, I just can't give up any name - may be they are a lot in the open source community.
As I make my best to incite my business partners to come to blogging, I found very interesting for me to follow the stream up to the spring of those amazing and revolutionnary communication items.

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