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I agree. I think the big difference is that when compared to other mediums through which they might bump into the company or the individual the blog is still seen as a very personal medium.

That allows folks to interact on a different more personal level from the beginning and get things moving in a better direction sooner rather than later.

In short it just feels more participatory for both parties than other more sterile mediums.

absolutely. I also find it extremely useful while hiring. When a candidate comes in, they are already into the discussions and topics on the blog. The interview is 10x more productive. They'll say something like "I've been following your discussion about ..., Here's what I think..." vs. "what are you working on these days?" and if a candidate hasn't read the blog before coming in? End of interview.

That's interesting because I also do the same thing when it comes to hiring folks. If the role is technical and they haven't read our blog (considering the kind of things we work with) then pretty much they have to dig themselves out of a big whole at that point.

And people who don't get blogging at all. Well they have a hard time fitting into any kind of technical role in our company.

I find this surprising because I know of technical contacts who run their own businesses who just don't get blogging. They might understand how to do it, but they don't get why you do it. On the other hand I think the CEO perspective makes total sense. You want to find someone who is continually learning and staying in the loop with the latest developments. This topic would make a great article.

That is exactly it from my perspective. Because we are leading edge in everything we do (or nearly so) it is very difficult for me to have someone on staff who isn't already on the blogging train. It is usually a good indication that the person isn't up to speed enough with current trends to really make an impact as part of the organization. That said that wouldn't be true for other folks who work with a different set of technologies.

I do believe in what you're saying, but I'm having a bad time making people participate at my blogs (an ezine and an "interative sales ebook"). Maybe here in Brazil, as I feel this revolution is still bedinning, I will need a little more time.
A lot of my friends, customers and even my university cla , give me some kind of congratulation, but when asked to podt ANY comment, they just change subjects. Some time I have the impression that they even what to discuss the matter.
Give me more time (or give them more time) and let's see. I hope thing change.

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