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I started blogging a couple of years ago in the "resumeblog" space. It was an interesting experience. I noticed the new feature of LinkedIN. It will be interesting to watch what happens with it. The hardest part from our part of the world is the remote location and the "virtual" mindset that isn't quite there yet. People like to hire people they can see everyday.

personally, I think job opening info should be more freely available like RSS or Atom and not require someone to visit and logon to a site to find information. Why not just have companies syndicate their job openings and then use job opening aggregators?

Syndication isn't bad in some places but honestly it would generate a ton of resumes from candidates that don't fit the bill. In some cases I find that folks hardly ever read the job opening except for the fact that it is full time and based in Portland, Oregon.

For us we need a very high caliber individual who is both technically proficient and can communicate about technology to various audiences at high and in depth levels.

Needless to say this person isn't easy to find and other folks I am sure have similar needle in a haystack hiring challenges.

For me something like LinkedIn has promise. I am having our HR director look into it this week and let me know if she thinks it has some good potential. I personally think it might as it allows some filtering of candidates unlike a standard newspaper ad or RSS feed would.

Marty> I think that Sean partially responds to your question. For certain types of jobs, you can definitely do that (feedster offers http://jobs.feedster.com/ for that purpose). However, when you are seeking a high profile individual, the "power of the network" brought by LinkedIn kicks in.

From a practical perspective, I already mentioned to Konstantin Guericke, the VP Marketing of LinkedIn, that I would allow the result of job searches to be syndicated out.

you have convinced me. I've created a LinkedIn account and have already linked with Sean. Others are certainly welcome.

A month later... LinkedIn is Linked out in my book. I think it's hard to program social networking. How do you program trust? Lots of issues with how it works. For starters, I can't link to people I deal with today without "permission" from people I don't know. I understand protecting links but their algorithms aren't right yet.

Marty> You can connect directly with people you already know without going through contact requests. You can invite them by typing in their email address, or you can batch upload your rollodex and see who in already registered for the service. Upon receiving your invitation, they can accept your request and connect.

Good luck.

I have really gotten some very good value from LinkedIn. Most people, like myself, simply don't know who they don't know. You have to work it though and continually build and give. Yes ... give. Networking is a two-way street ... you've gotta give to live. Be out there actively trying to help people even when it doesn't benefit you ... at least in the short term.

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