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We are using RSS to inform our distributors about changes in our image collection. When we change a caption, model release, or keyword, our agents can "read" those changes and adjust their information to match.

Using RSS ensures that the data is in a structure format (XML) and allows the agent to read the info automatically into their systems. Works smoothly, when the agent is sophisticated enough to understand it.

Thanks again for the ideas.

Here at Flat Creek, we currently have a blog - The View from Flat Creek - to offer tips and tricks for small business owners and to highlight examples of services we provide. We also use a blog internally for knowledge management. It's a great tool because you can dump everything into it - ideas, contact information, articles, etc - and give each a category. It's also searchable, so information is easy to retrieve.

Your blog is a great service - thank you!

I recentlty added an RSS feed for our job openings at David Evans and Associates.

Thanks fo rposting this top 10 list I found it useful even though I am using this stuff for personal information not corperate.

I have developed a simple concept for increasing exposure and interest in RSS. It allows organization to setup a "scavenger hunt" that requires people to read the organization's RSS feeds. This of course increases exposure of RSS and also of the organization's content. I am looking for organization to help me test out this new concept. If your organization is interested you can start a game by visiting the following website. http://www.RSShunt.com

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