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Friendster's "stupid features" are actually features that have been part of adult-oriented social software sites like Alt.com for many years. They're easy little marketing tools, but I'm not sure how they'd work with Gen Y. They were nice little novelties for the generation for whom "What's your sign?" was a common pickup line.

I've been to MySpace.com too, and find that it's kind of like Alt.com lite--for the baby fetish crowd. Lots of tattoos and chicks in schoolgirl getups or vinyl. Pretty sad to see young people have to work so hard to get attention.

I really don't like the "friends" page attached to a friendster profile. Why? None of my friends use friendster. I still joined and found 0 friends on my friends page (Obviously!). I felt awkward, so I left the website.

That is an insight worth considering.

Most business plans, mine included, have room for change.

What I may need to add is an eye beyond business evolution to spontaneous creation.


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