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Too bad Lulu only goes for blooks that have also been published on paper.
I'll have to wait a little while with my blook than....

I hadn't heard of Blooks before, but now that you mention it, it seems like the next logical step in the blogosphere. I guess the only question I have is: why would I buy someones Blook when I could just read their blog for free? Do they add extra material to their Blooks?

I think it's mainly because it's not really comfortable to read a whole book on your screen. It's interesting to participate in the early stage of it's development, but as soon as you like the flavour of it, you'll buy it on Amazon. To have the "real" book" in your hand. It seems to me that the "revolution" of blooks is much more in this participatory way to write them, rather in the final "blook" itself.

I don't know about others, but having a hardcopy / book still had its magic compared to reading an ebook.

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