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05 August 2004


de rien Guillaume :=)

Merci également Loïc pour le "tips" sur technorati, je suis entrain d'étudier l'outil pour saisir les détails du fonctionnement, comme Feedster d'ailleurs dont parle Dan dans son livre, p.42...

MErci Loïc d'avoir compensé mon manque de réactivité... ;o)

This is unbelievable ! I just leave for a long week-end (my summer holidays...)in the south of France in the montain, in such a little village that there is even no cybercafe, I am now back in Perpignan, where ther are some cybercafé, waiting for my flight back to Paris, and I am still estonished by the power of weblog ! This is huge, really huge...
Dan, I red the two first chapters of your book this week-end, I found them really interesting and wanted to tell you how much we are suffering from the lack of authors in France on such topics that could help us so much improve our knowledge and understanding of Internet/media evolution. Would you believe me if I tell you that only one of the top 5 national dailys is offering RSS to its readers .....
I am nly at the beginning of your book yet, I don't know if you talk about this but I think a important evolution is emerging too for web creativ/designers or more simply webmasters as anyone is now abble, thanks to weblogs and tools like those provided by Loïc for example, to publish alone its thoughts; I mean this is evidence for you and I am not learning anything to you, but what is going to happen to webmasters ? Are they going to be "blogmasters" ? This is an evolution I imagine for the webmaster of my website (http://www.prplanet.net), as weblogs used in a B2B way could bring so much to the enterprise, and more over for PR Pro like us: we can be so creativ for our clients !!! Having a webmaster will garantee us the graphic creativity, and we can provide the content alone, what should be, I suppose not the most interesting anyway for webmasters.....
Anyway, thank you for your book an do for this open minded free access to it with the cc license, I hope many french journalist will read it and follow your way... ;o)

You got it perfect Dan :=)

Je parle un peu du français. Aucune excuse est nécessaire.

(Did I get that right?)

Guillaume, en faisant un lien vers son blog il connait tout de suite l'existence du tien, via technorati.com, par contre je le connais, il ne parle pas français à ma connaissance...

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