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24 February 2005


Thanks for letting me know about your blog Frank, but something is missing at the end of your post (that I found very relevant, and yes indeed, much more better than the one from About.com): which player would you recomend for listening to podcasts then ?

I took a look at the guide you mention, and found it both superficial and aimed squarely at people new to MP3 players who are looking for something to play a few music tracks. A good player for podcasts can be quite a different thing.

I have a few suggestions on my web site at http://www.podcastplayer.org/ and a critique of the guide at http://www.podcastplayer.org/wordpress/archives/2005/02/27/85/

I'd love to hear how you get on with choosing a player, it's a surprisingly tough process.

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Good luck!


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