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12 February 2005


Thanks Constantin for pointing on this, I must admit I was hoping someone would react and help clarify this... Working on a daily basis with Six Apart, I am aware of the numbers you mentioned, but I am still lost on this:

From the post you mentioned : http://dijest.com/bc/2004/08/does-ping-data-show-power-law-applies.html
"I looked at all the blogs noted as updated on http://www.weblogs.com/ and I compiled them by hand (finally, almost) in a small list.

The small list makes now more than 130,000 blogs.

To see which were the most used farms with blogs, I created a small page which lists, by fields, the blogs of my list: shares of the blogosphère...."

and it says the classification is based on "pings by source"...

So I think I've got it now: it's about blog FARMS...

That's why... Gotta update the first sentence of this post...

MSN? No way :)

There are about 1.5 milion active users of LiveJournal, and about 1 million active MovableType and TypePad users, according to Blogcount -- http://dijest.com/bc/

See also this posting about Stephane Le Solliec's study:

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