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18 June 2005


Some agencies' blogs are not really blogs just as some agencies are not really agencies. It just happens. Topic goes far.

That said, I too prefer a new window on links, but am thinking of getting firefox. Anyway, any system has its own limits : if you visit 10 sites or blogs same time, you might end up getting confused whatever your choice.

you can also use tab to follow outgoing links...
with Firefox, or Safari...

Hi Scott,

You're right, they probably don't know that they have it, although they have RSS, RSS 2.0, Atom and XML format available if you look in the code of the page, but as you certainly know, RSS feed should be "available" for blog readers without requesting to look in the code of the page to find it... ;o)

Re your question about making links open new windows, I don't like loosing my way when I am blogging and I personaly prefer having a new windows open when I follow an outgoing link, I hate pushing the back button many times to get back to the initial story I was reading... More over, I am using Ecto to blog and it is an automatic process there... But certainly a question of personal feeling that might be different for you.

Two things:

I think they have an RSS feed but are unaware of it:
http://www.ketchumideas.com/?feed=rss2 (they also have RSS .92 and Atom 0.3, though I don't know enough about it to know the differences.

Why do you make links open in new windows? I've always agreed with J-Walk on this one: http://j-walkblog.com/index.php/weblog/petpeeves/ (it's #3 on the list)

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