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01 June 2005


Thank you Guillaume and Darlene to help me in undestranding this new concept for an older intranet hand like me limited to CMS tools ;-)

That was great in one day to discover and understand a lot of things about blog.


I appreciated the chance to hear/meet Guillaume in person and the indepth information he was able to provide through the case studies that zeroed in on companies using customer facing weblogs. Definitely some new information to take away and think about.

A few of the participants indicated that they have corporate weblogs -- most of them had 3 to 4 weblogs that they participated in - an internal weblog, a group/shared weblog and an external and/or personal weblogs.

I would have liked to be able to have had the time to hear from the people who published internal blogs about what they saw as the key benefits of weblogs to their organization for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

We'll be touching on weblogs and wikis tomorrow and that will likely lead to some interesting discussions.

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