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24 September 2005


I think this was a very good post. I was happy to see that there is a survey by Edelman. I have read a lot of talk about what people want in blogging and what is the standard for blogging. I am new to blogging just this year and I have been wondering what people think about this and how big blogging could actually be in a few more years. I have also thought that this is a great way to communicate and companies could benefit from talking to their customers/clients through blogging. When I followed your link to the survey and I got to #9 I was a little puzzled. I am by no means a PR practitioner but it made me wonder if people really trust the company who sends information or if they are more skeptical of the public relations agency. I agree that the peole who send SPAM probably are not working with a PR firm. I am also agreeing that I think the content of the message is more important. If what is said is directed to me in a way that is easy to process or sparks my interest I would think that I would be less aggravated at the message than I would be if it was a press release or another format that was not targeted specifically for its readers. I think that is pretty simple public relations already, targeting your audience.
Thank you for the great post. I liked the survey and I think it was a great PR strategy of finding what people want with blogging right now and how PR can better accommodate those who want to be reached.

I guess comments need to be posted in English on this blog... When I replied the survey, I thought that it was relevant to ask if a blogger would find the information more credible if sent by a PR agency rather than a company. On the contrary, my blogger reflex is to think that I would put more trust in a PR agency than in a company, because they are closer to their audiences, more up-to-date with the trends, and would more speak the truth with you. That's just my idea of it: if companies need PR agencies to counsel them, that's because they know things companies don't. On top of that, since the survey is led by a PR agency, Edelman, I guess their idea is to show that bloggers trust agencies more than companies. C'est de bonne guerre ! I posted sth about this on my blog: http://adamkesher.canalblog.com/archives/2005/09/24/835253.html#comments

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