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17 October 2005


who is artist for the song She Touched My Tra La La?

What kind of place was this commercial filmed at, and does anybody by chance know who filmed it?

That tune playing in the background is "She Touched My Tra La La" The timing is perfect. The slow-mo is most effective. The girl makes me glad to be a lesbian trapped in a mna's body. I love this ad.

Hi there,

this really good ad is from down under, I mean here in Australia. TV ads for beers are allowed and really creatives.

Imagine this ad in between your sunday movie, on TF1, during Cine dimanche...

Another really good one, recently launched in this one for Carlton draught beer


Hi there,

I just would like to know where this comercial in the pool about Hahn beer has been filmed. Is someone would know ?


Is it bad that I think this advertisement is incredibly funny? I'm in the library, and as I viewed the short clip, I had to try hard to stifle a shocked gasp. I never would have expected the outcome of the situation. While there are several entertaining moments in this short clip (a beautiful woman being flung into a pool, a confused guy happily holding his beer, etc), I think the refreshing spin on an old concept is central to conveying the marketing message. As consumers, we are used to seeing bathing suit clad women in beer commercials. However, Hahn finds a way to shift the focus from strictly sex appeal.

In my Electronic Field Production class (a.k.a. short film class) we are discussing the critical elements that make films effective in portraying their meanings. We just finished a two-three minute silent film project to help us understand that showing is far more effective than telling. (Did I mention that I watched the clip with the sound off?) My point is that this scenario was visually driven – I didn’t need verbal cues to understand the actions and emotions of the man and woman. Perhaps I would have gleaned more information had I watched and listened, but the light-hearted message would remain intact.

I know that you posted this clip in order to entertain, and it definitely brought a smile to my face. Thank you. However, it also allowed me to apply critical techniques that I have learned in class. For that, I am also grateful!

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