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16 October 2005


Apple is giving consumers no excuse not to buy into the whole ipod thing. Everything you could possibly dream of is available on one of these. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple starts mass producing ipods with cellular phones and Internet/e-mail capabilities on them next. Having an ipod is becoming as essential as having a cell phone and a computer, so it makes sense.

I haven't gotten around to buying one yet because I know as soon as I do they're going to come out with one that's even better. I'm waiting for the ipod that can do it all, and when that one comes out, everyone I know will have the old ipods.

Did you know that a lot of upscale luggage/accessory retailers such as Coach are selling ipod carriers now? They are almost as expensive as the ipods themselves. You know your product has hit it big when other businesses are manufacturing expensive by-products for it.

After just posting about Apple's iPod, I knew I had to comment on this post. It amazes me the type of inventions Apple comes up with. It also amazes with me how Apple's ideas become such a huge success. It also makes me wonder what will be next. Kind of like an eager child waiting for Christmas to arrive, I wonder what will be the latest surprise.

Not only is it the iPod itself, as I wrote about in my post, it is all the accessories that add to the success and amazement of Apple's iPod. The colors, sizes and cases that are all available for your iPod make your mp3 player a full package. You can listen to music, and look stylish while doing it. It’s not just an mp3 player you’re listening to…it’s an iPod.

Apple is definitely on a roll. Apple has introduces several new products in the last few months. The iPod, iPod shuffle and the iPod mini came out a while back and then there was just a lull in releases. Then all of a sudden we get nano, iTones 6 and then the new video iPod are release with in a month. I am surprised they didn’t space out the release a bit more. They must have more up their sleeves for the holidays. Otherwise they would have waited to release the last few products.

I am asking for the iPod nano for Christmas and I research a bit on them this weekend so I could tell my parents exactly what I want. However, I do not know much about the video iPod. I read about them in USA Today but I have yet to see or use one. I am interested in how well they will do. I can see them being more popular with the younger age group because personal if I want to watch a movie and there is not a TV available I would watch it on my laptop not a little mini screen. But I can see children watching it on road trips with their parents and such.

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