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31 January 2006


searching the web and found your entry .and found it worth time reading through the post.

katherine> Netizen launched a blog dedicated to the off line release of the magazine, but I don't think they are going to have a website associated to it...
Nicole> you're right, Netizen is talking about what's happening in the blogosphere plus interviewing blogger about their blogging, the why and how, etc, plus many other topics as how it changes politics for the first session, podcasting etc...

Before I began taking my Style and Design class here at Auburn, I didn't realize how popular the idea of blogging is in society today. I seriously don't think it hit me how global blogging is until I read this post about Netizen, the first French magazine on blogging. Are there a lot of American magazines on blogging? Obviously blogging is becoming a unique hobby not only to people in America, but all over the world. What another great way of being able to communicate, technology wise!

Since I have been around, I have seen the growth of AIM, Chat rooms, pagers, cell phones, the Internet, blackberries, and now blogging. Being that I am only 22 years old, I can only imagine how much technology is going to change and improve in the future. Coming from a rookie in blogging, I wonder what a magazine about blogging could be about. Are there different techniques of blogging? If so, could that really take up an entire year of material to write about in a magazine? I suppose the magazine could also talk about the most successful bloggers and how you can write to them, but those are the only two main subjects I can think about that would be useful for a blogging magazine. Because my knowledge and interest in blogging is increasing day by day, I would like to see what all a blogging magazine entails and I hope to soon.

Wow! I can't believe there is already a magazine out that is completely devoted to blogging, wiki's, etc. It is great that this has come out, but you're right...You do have to think about whether or not it will be sucessful in the technological world of today.

I think that even though society is rapidly moving in a technological direction, the magazine will still be popular. We are not quite to the point where people don't buy magazines or read newspapers anymore.

I think that Netizen will do very well, but they will have to think about creating an online version in the near future. at this point in time, there are people who only read literature online and there are still those who prefer a hard copy. Netizen will have to consider both to be as successful as they can be.

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