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09 January 2006


Sounds good, I am going to check it!

I think that Last FM is a great idea and it's one more tool we can put on our Blog. I just set one up and I'm still not completely sure what I'm doing, but I'm learning. Normally when I download radio stations on Yahoo or elsewhere, the music is always interrupted by commercials. You may as well be listening to the radio. Last FM, however, is commercial free and it’s legal since the music is being shared rather than downloaded. The neat thing about Last FM is that you can tag the music you like and Last FM will create a playlist for you. You can also create a profile, join music groups, find music by music taste, user info, or username, and preview the songs before recommending, tagging or writing about the track. Every song you listen to is saved so you can go back and listen to the song again. This interactive way of listening to music is a great idea and I'm looking forward to learning how to use all of the features of Last FM. Thank you!

Hello Guillaume,I found your blog about Last FM to be very interesting and useful. I recently got an Ipod for Christmas and am still trying to figure out how to use it and download songs on it. Now that I know that you can put a play list on your blog, hopefully I'll be able to find other songs I can put on my ipod since I have a lot of space to fill. Since I love listening to music, I also now have another way to listen, even if it could be another distraction. Just a couple questions though, how did you find Last FM? Where is your play list on Last FM and how do you play it? I'm glad that you were able to find something like Last FM that has less technical requirements, because just like others I'd rather it be easier to be able to figure out something technology wise rather than complicated. After clicking through the Last FM website, I was also wondering how you go about adding a play list to your blog. I put in a band that I was interested in and it showed the band and songs, but I couldn’t figure out how to add it. Do you play the song first and then you can add it to your play list? I look forward to figuring out Last FM and listening to yours and other play lists. If you have any advice on helping me to understand it more, I would greatly appreciate it. Enjoy listening and thanks for the cool link!

Bonjour Guillaume. Just discovered last.fm yesterday and I'm really fan of this social way to discover new music. Please let us know where is your profile ;) Mine could be found on cducamp. Good listening.

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