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05 March 2006


Hello admin, nice site ! Good content, eautiful design, thank !

François, I am sorry but I never got any answer from you when I submitted this blog by email on the 23rd february, more than two weeks ago... I don't have any problem with not being mentioned on your web by the way.
More over, you're not submitting a new blog every day as you only have 9 online today, which is not a problem in itself as I assume it might be difficult or even impossible to find so many blogs on marketing /PR /media in french, but perhaps should you change the announcement of the section and not take the engagement to have one new each day...

Lipstick about real comitment ? Strange reaction.I personnaly answer to all the people sending me the adress of their blog. The fact is we don't publish all the blogs we receive but only one every day... We just select the best of them. What's wrong about it ? Thanks.

Just lipservice without real commitment and understanding or as you mention in a previous post the fear to do it. My personal feeling is now that there are significant obstacles to blogging that the blogevangelists underestimate when they don't totally ignore them. Did you mention your comment about Strategies in your french blog? I did not see it.

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