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27 March 2006


5) Losing control in the social computing model seems a concern to business, what
is your view? How are you able to reassure company’s or organizations on this

Ha! This is an interesting one. Businesses that fear losing control should realize that they never had control in the first place, so in reality they're not losing much. There may have been an illusion of control, when the marcom tribe thought it could control the channels of comunication, but that's only the channels. What about what's realy going on in the consumers and sstakeholder's hearts and minds? it is time to adopt a two-way approach to communication and allow stakeholders to be co-owners of the brands. It worked pretty well for Apple, didn't it?

Number 8

really interested to note the 'browsing' rather than posting by readers - some research I did recently shows students did the same when we used a wiki site to host a year one group - lots of reading, but only two messages. You can read the article for yourself here:

On question 4 (time to get the right style for your blog), the factual answer would be 3 months in my case. My blog was private all that time.
The real answer is that you need to know right away what you want to discuss about whatever it is : PR, bananas, madonna or Pizza Hut. This cannot change. if you change this, you need to create another blog. Though, I consider it sane to make your blog evolves in its style. This is in fact the definition of a blog: a never-ending and always changing project. You change, the others change, the world changes: your blog should follow the same route.
But you do not have to think about it and plan it. One day, you look at your blog and you find that it looks dull.
Fine: time to change has arrived.
One last thing: if you do not like the style of your blog, don't expect others to do.
Be intuitive but be tough with yourself.

I know time is missing... but, you should make a post for each question and open the debate :-) There ar so many things to say for each point...

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