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05 April 2006


Just a follow up to the earlier blog on London Metropolitan University. We played the latest interview with Philippe in Friday's lecture and were very interested that podcasting appears to be finding greater favour in IBM than blogging as speech comes more naturally than writing to many. Certainly that seems to be echoed by the students.

I would be interested to get people's reaction to Channel 9 by Microsoft. Seems a very conscious and I would judge successful attempt by a major organisation to adopt a more conversational tone. Also interesting in use of multiple new media techniques including wiki and video blogging-style communications as part of on online channel. Any other Channel 9's out there which would be of interest to the students? Thanks.

I have enjoyed reading your blog, it is packed with the sort of info I am interested in. I am adding as a favourite. I like the reminder about openness, that's the difference with the English, they suppress information. I'm sure you've heard of the English reserve, that may mean it is a problem for many to blog.
I am new to it and totally absorbed by its never ending possibilities, the new openings and constant learning and sourcing of new information.
I shall look up some of those books you mentioned too, I already have several, including the Naked Conversation.
I've read two blogs today that featured podcastingm and I played yours too, a very personal touch.
Maybe you can have a look at my blog when you have a moment, share your thoughts with me.
Also, a reminder, you kindly said you would look up some French blogging politicians for me and send me the links. I'm interested in any politician throughout the world who is blogging and podcasting, would like to write about it maybe, perhaps a book, who knows.

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