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02 June 2006


I have cited you in my most recent post: show, not tell.

Would love to get your comments.
Best, Mohamed

One problem with your post....the first link you provide regarding "Website as Graphs":


Does nothing more then map the html used on a website-nothing more. Yes, the blue dots show "a href" links provided in the code....but that really is only half the equation for anyone wanting to research a blogs network (since the tool does not tell you the nature of the links, it really is worthless).

Mapping those sites that link to the blog are more important when it comes to establishing authority. To that end, the TouchGraph Google Mapping is much more valuable.

All you get out of the "Website as Graphs" tool is a pretty picture that has nothing to do with measuring ones network.

Jeremi Karnell

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Hey Rob, well, the issue is that today no integrated tool exists, those mapping solution are still "geeks game", so you need to customize everything regarding your needs...

Hi Guilaume,

This is fabulous, I love it! Would you be aware of any means to integrate this into a decent stakeholder mapping design tool you could recommend?

Laurent> would be more than happy to meet you as soon as you come back in Paris !

Niall> These examples are mapping the network of incoming and outcoming links from and to a specific URL, whenever it's a blog or a web site. I don't know any tool enabling to identify specifically a blogger network of connections, although it would be fabulous.

Probably a Blogpulse or a Technorati based service should be able to provide us with this, as they are tracking what we'd like to see on a map and not as a list... I am going to ask them whether they could provide us with this tool...;o)

Hi Guillaume,

Do you have any examples that actually map the connections between bloggers (e.g. based on who they link to)?

These examples seem to map either your site structure or every link on a page.


Hello Guillaume. The first images are really site-maps, showing various kinds of HTML markup. The mapping principle and mechanism is brilliant though.

I've pushed through two of my websites and am doing a third as I write. The maps show how much cleaner my markup is becoming. I suspect the one that is going through at the moment will reveal a need for severe pruning.

Thanks for the link.

Hi Guillaume - indeed really interesting, I found you through Steve Rubel blog that I read daily, and I figured that since are close to each not only in what we do and geographically, (most of the time in Paris for me although in the US really frequently), we should connect and exchange soon.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Laurent Flores

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